We chose the name August in honor of our mutual Great-Grandfather, August Salat,
who made a huge impact on the lives of our fathers and the arc of the family.

August Salat 1862 – 1950

August Salat was very successful, progressive and generous. He started his own business as a tailor and haberdasher, a respected businessman supported by customers from around his southern Indiana county. He stood up to The Ku Klux Klan even though it meant his store was vandalized; he sent his daughter to college in 1918; and he accepted the only Italian-American to settle in the predominantly German-American county as his son-in-law George St. Angelo, our Grandfather. August eventually turned the business over to George. 

It is in tribute to August Salat that we have named our family business. This man we never met is one to whom we give credit for much of the values woven into the fabric of our productions.